Thursday, March 3, 2011

Miami coffeeI

I've been searching for good coffee in Miami for a few years now.  There are several places to try, starting with Cafe Paul on Lincoln Road in South Beach and the predictable Starbucks. Espresso should never be served in a to-go cup, however.

There is also great Cuban style coffee everywhere if you like the thick sweet coffee they make.

However, I haven't found a place that makes really great espresso with love and care for each individual cup.

Yesterday, though, an Illy espresso bar opened in the lobby of the Bayshore Marriott, where we stay. Illy is about as prevalent in Europe as Starbucks is in the US, so it is a reliable brand. I went in and tried a double. It was pretty good. The place has potential. It may take them a while for the espresso to live up to the $4.25 price for a double but an auspicious start at any rate!

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