Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Race training

I haven't blogged about running in quite a while. However, I've managed to keep going in the meantime.

I'll be running the Cleveland Marathon on May 17th. I've been training for it all winter and spring using "Coach Jenny's" training plan.

Jenny is Jenny Hadfield, a running coach. Her website offers free training plans. Since I've run several marathons, I chose her advanced marathon plan.

It is lengthy! Since I was already in decent shape, I jumped in starting at Week 6. I like the gradual nature and the variety of workouts. I'm very bad at cross-training during race training, so this plan makes me get on the bike, rowing machine and hit the weights a couple of times each week.

My long-term goal is to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon again. I ran it in 2009 and qualified again last year. However, we were on tour during the online registration period and it slipped my mind!

Last weekend I ran a training race -- a 10 miler. I decided to run it at my goal marathon race pace -- 8'10" per mile. I am prone to get excited by all the pomp and circumstance at the race start and go out too fast, adrenaline pumping, so this would be a good exercise on pacing myself.

About 1/2 mile from the end of the race we went through a tunnel. I saw a really short little kid running just ahead of a group of four of us adults. This kid was really moving!  I shouted encouragement to the boy and the rest of the adults followed suit.  I ran with him to the finish, inspired by his prowess!

Here we are at the finish line!!

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