Monday, March 28, 2016

An Unusual Day

I had a most unusual day last Thursday.

In the morning and early afternoon, I helped a friend dismantle his 900 lb milling machine so it could be loaded out of his basement prior to his move to Atlanta this week.

Although the milling machine sits on a dolly, it was too wide and much too heavy to be rolled out of the basement. Like a ship in a bottle. So we had to take it apart.

In order to lift the top part off the base, we threaded a winch cable through a pulley attached to a ceiling joist by a large bolt. With a rope tied to the top part of the milling machine we hooked the winch cable to the rope. The winch was then attached to a another rope around a support pole in the basement floor.

Later, the machine parts were strapped to another dolly and rolled out of the basement on a ramp.

Later that afternoon, I enjoyed coaching a student group at CIM in the Beethoven Septet. 

That evening was Maundy Thursday. I was asked to play for many parts of the service. I performed with the choirs and played solos accompanied by piano and also by organ. I couldn't help but wonder what a visitor to the church that night might have thought about such extensive use of an exotic woodwind instrument in the service!

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