Saturday, April 9, 2016

Interlochen trip

Earlier this week I made a trip to the Interlochen Arts Camp for a master class. My host, Eric Stomberg succeeded me as teacher there in 2001. He has maintained a talented and successful class since then.

My trips to Interlochen after I stopped teaching there have been nostalgic. I can draw upon my memories there as a camper and faculty member of the summer camp as well as the Academy.

I enjoyed working with his students and hearing them play. Interlochen attracts a special kind of student. Along with their talent, they are hungry to learn more about the bassoon and music, eager to be around others who share their enthusiasm.

On the day of my class I had the morning free, so I ran on the Leelanau Trail. It stretches from Traverse City up the west side of Grand Traverse Bay to Sutton's Bay.  It's an old rail line.

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