Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bozza Recit, Sicilienne et Rondo

Recit, Sicilienne et Rondo by Eugene Bozza is one of the best Paris Conservatory pieces out there. I have just posted my live performance at the University of Arkansas from this past April on YouTube .

Anyone performing this piece will notice that the edition contains several obvious errors. I'll list them below.


  • In the first line above, the second turn should end in an E eighth note, not a C.
  • At the Lent indication, the 32nds should be in BASS CLEF, not tenor. This is from K. David Van Hoesen who told me that in an earlier edition, the clef change happened only at the beginning of the next line. The Bb (instead of F) start to the Lent makes more sense harmonically, since it fits with the quasi diminished 7th arpeggios just before it. An F would not fit. Also, the F gives an implied V-I cadence in a place where there is no functional harmony.
  •   Anyone playing through this page with a pianist will quickly discover that the measures rest tally at #5 is long by a measure. Also the rests in the fourth bar of #5 give that bar too much value.
  • A slur and tie are missing from the second measure before #10. Compare to 5 before #10.

There are errors in the piano part as well.

This is not an omission or error, but simply a way of making the opening more dramatic. This is what Van Hoesen added to the piano part. Try it! It sounds really great!

In the above, the 3/4 bars with the septuplets in them need a quarter rest, not an eighth. Perhaps the original had the old-fashioned French quarter rests that look like reversed eighth rests?

In the above, the rolled chords in the first two measures should be half notes, not quarters.

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  1. Thank you for your errors report, which are quite easy to correct as you said. What about some beamings in the Sicilienne in the piano part? There are some with only 5 16th notes (but obviously with no 5-tuplet sign): some can be vertically linked to the right hand, while others are not so well written (in those I play |=|=|=|-|). Suggestions? Sources?