Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Birth of a Piece 2

Margi got a copy of "Sortilège" with this beautiful frontispiece to me today. I'm very excited to start working on it!

I'd like to talk a bit about how I came to choose Margi for this commission.

First, I've premiered her trio, "Trocadillos" for oboe, bassoon and piano and her wind quintet and heard several of her other works, so I'm very familiar with her compositions.  Margi has a vibrant, expressive style that is traditional and very easy to grasp at first listening.

Second, she is an oboist and thus, knows how to write well for the double reeds. This is not as obvious as you might think. I've commissioned many pieces from many composers during my career; some write well for the bassoon, some don't.  This time, I really wanted to engage someone who would be able to write for the bassoon in a flattering way.

Third, I wanted the piece to have multiple performances after the premiere. It's such a shame for a new piece of music to be shelved right after a premiere and suffer an uncertain performing future. "Sortilège" be part of the required repertoire for the next Meg Quigley Vivaldi Competition. Each time it is held, the Competition features a new work for bassoon by a female composer. Thus, Margi fits this criterion, too.

Each applicant will learn "Sortilège", perhaps perform it in her area and then, if chosen for the final round of the competition, play it there. This will guarantee many performances of the piece in the coming year.

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