Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recital program

I'm starting a new blog subject today.  I'll call it "Recital Prep" for lack of a better term.

Since the function of my blog is to demystify what the life of a professional musician is like, it seems appropriate to detail what I do when preparing a recital program.

The recital in question will be on June 3rd at the International Double Reed Society Conference in Tempe, Arizona. 

It may seem too early to start on a program now for a June date, however, I must take several things into consideration when planning:
  • My busy schedule between now and then (tours, regular orchestra concerts, teaching, etc.)
  • The recital will contain some of the most difficult pieces I've ever played
  • The audience will be made up of some of the world's greatest double reed artists
I anticipate blogging frequently on this subject.  I hope you will enjoy following me as I go through the process of preparing my program.

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