Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Scoring Tool

I've developed a scoring tool that's accurate and inexpensive. It makes all the scores in one stroke, accurately distributing the scores across the width of the tube.

The blade points are staggered to fit the slight curve of a piece of cane. Scoring with this tool is best done on an easel. Just buy a 1 1/4" dowel and cut a section to length. Can also be done flat on a table, if need be.

I have made these for several months now. They can be customized for the number of scores you like to have (between 5 and 10). For those who like a space between scores down the center of the length of the bark, I can add an additional spacer to divide the blades -- for a 6-blade tool, 3 on one side, 3 on the other.

I also make them for contra cane. The price depends upon the number of blades you want - 5-7 blades, $25; 8-10 blades, $35.

If interested, visit my website.