Monday, October 17, 2016

A Special Organ

A few weeks ago, I went to a house to hear an organ concert. Both the house and the organ are unique.

This organ has its own website!

A short history: Originally built for a church in Birmingham, Alabama, an organ lover who is also a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic bought it and had it disassembled and moved to Cleveland where he built a house enveloping it.

Inside the house, the pipes are arranged in all directions and on several levels.

When it is played or when you listen to it, you are completely surrounded by pipes and organ sound!

 Yes, the organ has bassoon stops.

It is also complemented by a Bösendorfer piano with 9 extra keys! These lower strings vibrate at such a slow speed that you can actually hear the individual vibrations. There's not as much of a sense of a steady tone as there is with the "regular" keys on the piano.

Along with organ music, we heard several piano/organ duets.

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