Sunday, July 2, 2017

Van Hoesen Teaching, Part 2, Scales and Arpeggios

Below is David Van Hoesen's Scale and Arpeggio routine. The goal is to become familiar with the different scale patterns and chords in a particular key during a week's worth of practicing (one key per week). All exercises except the Broken Arpeggio are to be done with a metronome for evenness and speed.

Along with perfecting the technique, the focus should be on playing with a beautiful sound, good intonation and a musical sense in all registers.

The Arpeggios in Sequence are taken directly from a violin exercise by Carl Flesch.

A word about the Broken Arpeggio exercise. It is to be done slowly working for a beautiful, smooth connection between notes. Pay attention to embouchure, breath support and smooth, gentle fingers to achieve a smooth, expressive slur for each interval. This is a great exercise for breaking in new reeds as well!

Here is another version of this that may print more clearly. It is also available on my website. Scroll nearly to the bottom to find it.

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