Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Shaper

The Fox Products Corporation has copied another shape for me. It is called the Fox Straight Shaper ST2.

This is a copy of my favorite foldover shaper which is a Berdon #6--no longer made. Having it available from Fox in the straight shaper format is terrific! A straight shaper is more accurate, consistent from piece to piece, easier to use, safer and faster than a foldover.

The copy turned out really well. There is virtually no difference I can see between a piece shaped on my old Berdon and the new Fox.

At this point, the new shaper is not listed on the Fox Products website. To order within the U.S. call (260) 723-4888 and ask for Angie Strayer. Email is angelia.strayer@foxproducts.com

The shaper retails for $189.00.

Those of you who make reeds following the instructions on my website or use this blog will want to have this shape. It allows for a reed that does many things well.

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