Thursday, January 27, 2011


We arrived in Miami yesterday. It was great to feel the warm, humid air and see the sun!

This is our fifth year residency, so everyone has their favorite places to go and favorite things to do.

Last night I combined business with pleasure by running from the hotel across the Venetian Causeway to South Beach -- about 2 1/2 miles. At 12th and Alton there is a soccer field with a track around it.  I did some interval work on the track -- 4 x 440's at my 5k race pace of 1':38".

Then I cooled down by walking to Lime - one of the best Mexican restaurants in South Beach.  Very cheap, quick good food -- a rarity for South Beach.  The baja fish tacos are the best!

I finished with a protein smoothie and went walking along Lincoln Road to watch the various flora and fauna of South Beach at its finest!

The new Nespresso store is beautifully decorated and a great place to sample all of their different flavors of coffee pods, lovingly served in cups with high design values.

Today is a day off.  I've devoted it to more mundane tasks such as laundry(my tux shirt is getting a cleaning and a soak below),

grocery shopping, practicing and reed making.

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